Various Styles of Making Animations That Can Be Practiced At Home

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There are many ways to create animations, along with technological developments. When we are interested in making it at home, don’t stop it because we feel we don’t have the facilities and infrastructure. There are actually many animation styles that you can use, adjusting to the ability and availability of ingredients.

In this article, we will discuss about the Variety of Styles for Making Animations that Can Be Practiced at Home. Let’s look at the following description:

1. Using the Book Page Corner

Creating animations using a book corner is a great way for beginners who want to learn to make animations. This animation style is very easy and can be done by anyone. In addition, the results are actually quite good because they show how traditional animation actually works.

2. Making Stop-Motion Animations.

Stop-motion animation is an animation style that is created by taking pictures or photos of various physical objects and sorting them like normal animations. There are many ways to make stop-motion animations, and some of the most common ones include using pieces of paper, or clay.

3. Make Gif Animations

Gif is the most popular medium used to make short animations, and now it looks a lot on the internet. You can make your own animated gif very easily, because all you need is a computer and know how to use some software. Gif is usually used to take short snapshots of TV shows. But you can also use it to show the animation you are drawing by hand.

4. Making Animations Using Computers

You can also do standard computer animation. But keep in mind that this method can be very difficult and takes years to master. There are several methods for making animations with computers, including:

a. Using 2D animation. This is an animation style that can be done at home using programs such as Anime Studio, or Adobe Flash animations.

b. Using 3D animations. Animation Style is even more difficult because you have to use a computer that is strong enough to process 3D animation. If your computer is strong enough, try making it using basic software like Smith Micro’s Poser.

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5. Try Machinima

Machinima is an animation that uses images of existing computer models. Animation styles with this method are usually made using video games. Machinima is a fairly easy way to learn beginners and can give you basic knowledge about animation.

Between the animation styles mentioned above, which styles are you interested in applying? Whatever technique and style you use, try to keep trying to improve the quality of your animation by diligently doing research, learning some animation techniques and diligently opening references.

You are also recommended to learn how to make good stories and learn facial expressions, body anatomy, perspective and composition of images. Don’t forget to learn the color theory as well as the squash and stretch method. This method is a technique to make basic animations look more real.

Finally, making a good animation style is not a simple matter. You must diligently study and practice so that later you can become proficient and professional.