How to Make Interesting Traditional Animation Arts

By admin

As we know, animation is a unique and beautiful modern art. In short, it is a set of images arranged in a regular manner so that they can move and become whole stories. Animated images can be images of living things, inanimate objects or writing.

Traditional Animation Arts is not the type of art that can be made by just anyone, although it does not rule out the possibility of learning it. If you are interested and want to make an animation art product, you must really be serious about practicing to understand the basic animation techniques.

In this article, we will help you realize the desire to make Traditional Animation Arts interesting. Let’s look at the following description:

1. Make an Animation Story script

The first step you must do when you want to make Traditional Animation Arts is to make a story script. Write down the event or story that you want to describe in the animation. Write in detail, not only about dialogue and the storyline, but also about the details of his expression. You also have to pay attention to the body movements of objects that are adjusted to the storyline.

2. Make a Storyboard

The second step of Traditional Animation Arts is to create a storyboard. These are a number of images that show important actions or events in your animation. In short, Storyboard is an outline of the contents of your animated story visualized in the picture. So, at a glance it can look like a comic.

3. Drawing Illustration

At this stage, you can start by drawing frames and basic illustrations. The point is to make images can remain consistent from one frame to another. Draw your character with various angles and expressions. In this section, you can also draw clothes and other supporting properties for images.

4. Make a Sketch

At this stage, the sketch will show key movements on one frame. This sketch will look like some images that are similar and overlap with each other. This technique is done to ensure the accuracy of key frames and movements in the animation to make it look natural.

5. Key Frame Pictures

The key frame is an important position in a movement made by a character. For example, if you want to make your character turn left to right, the key frame should show your character facing left, then facing forward, then facing right.

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6. Check the Flow of the Movement

The smoother the animation movement, the better the quality of the animation. The ideal Traditional Animation Arts has smooth movements when you flip the key frame from frame one to the next frame several times.

7. Complete the Movement Between Key Frames

Complete movements between key frames. After you feel your key frame is good, it’s time to draw movement between the key frames. So, start drawing frames to be inserted between one key frame and another key frame, then draw a picture to be inserted between one key frame and the frame you just made. Keep repeating until you feel you have enough frames to illustrate the movements you made.

8. Recheck and trim

After everything seems perfect, don’t immediately feel satisfied. Re-examine the plot, the picture and other details. Make sure the series of images is always smooth and natural. Don’t forget to tidy up the results of the Traditional Animation Arts by removing the annoying sketch lines.

9. Process! Put all the images into a computer program, for example Photoshop. This is the final stage of making animation to become a complete work and can be displayed for a number of purposes.